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Brought someone with me~

Mero speaking!!
I'm back from France and uuh... when we were near the Teutoburg Forest I.. uh.. took this guy with me (...well... he lived there 250 years ago... ..........)  
Uhm.. yes.. I have nothing to say... uh.. so... please be nice to Johannes~

Another Hiatus x.x

Well, because of our school trip I'll be in France next week.. Damn... Sou-chan and I want to plaaay...
If my brother is not at home I can use the computer this weekend and the weekend after I come back. Hm... we'll arrive here at friday, so, maybe I'll be back then.. but I don't know how tired I'll be..  

Au revoir, mes amis!

Brief Synopsis about ~Inverted Gakuen~

It takes place in Gakuen, or known as ‘school’. Remember the chick you kept? It turns into a flying Chocobo and takes you away from the planet. Once you arrived in a new planet, there is something unusual about the atmosphere around you. You dress up like a Japanese high school and there’s weirder than that, you wear a wrong dress. The boys wear girl’s school dress while girls wear boy’s school clothes.

You walk inside the school and there’s a bulletin board with this month’s event:

-1 April: Opening ceremony (April fool)
-10 April: Cherry Blossom Festival
-22 April: Earth Day



Starting tommorow I'll be away from a week~

Holidays without any Internet access XD
See you at Easter I guess XD


Late in announcing this, but. . .well, I haven't been in the mood for roleplay, recently--well, no, that's a lie, I have, but. . .it's just not coming to me.  The muses are there, the words are not--in short I need to take a hiatus.  I should be fine once April comes around.  I may still reply to stuff if anything happens, but.  As far as I know I'm pretty much gonna lay low a bit.

Co-op mod vacancy

I'm sorry for not posting in 'White Day' event, but lets just skip that event. My computer doesn't work properly and I'm struggling myself with bunch of assignments in collage. I hope it won't happen again. I see this RP is getting quiet for awhile, so I guess it's time for me to ask everyone for help.

Yup, co-op mod wanted! I'll manage with profile, layout, application, taken characters, event schedule and some minor parts in RP.

Mod VacancyCollapse )


Hello everyone, I'm Alex and I play Preston Marlowe from the Battlefield Bad company series. I have post on my profile where you can ask me any questions or concerns. And I'll start testing the waters as soon as possible.
And before I forget here's a list of weapons that Preston has.
Scoped XM8 with mounted grenade launcher
Hand grenades
and an M9.

Mar. 3rd, 2010

sorry if this isn't allowed, but I found an excellent place to ad this rp and ask for certain characters!

Check it out!

Activity Check

This list shows who is in the game and who is out. If your characters are not cleared, you still have time to post their names. You got about two more days to check before this entry will deleted.

- Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)
- Ivy F.
- Lili Zwingli (Liechtenstein)
- Deep Blue
- Beyond Birthday
- Lau
- Patricia "Patti" Thompson
- Lovino Vargas (Italy Romano)
- Miku Hatsune
- Matthew Williams (Canada)
- Seta Soujiro
- La
- Death the Kid
- Akira Ijyuin
- Sora
- Kay Faraday
- Koyomi “Yomi” Mizuhara
- Kagamine Len
- Rhode Camelot
- Uchiha Sasuke

- Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain)
- Uchiha Itachi
- Erik
- Kenny McCormick
- Fai D. Flourite


At the moment I'm overwhelmed with everything and terribly tired all the time.
I hope it's okay when I'm on Hiatus for a month.
Maybe I will be back earlier but that is very unlikely.  I'll be back at the latest on Monday the 5th April.

See you then!