Boss of Odd Tales (odd_boss) wrote in odd_ooc,
Boss of Odd Tales

Co-op mod vacancy

I'm sorry for not posting in 'White Day' event, but lets just skip that event. My computer doesn't work properly and I'm struggling myself with bunch of assignments in collage. I hope it won't happen again. I see this RP is getting quiet for awhile, so I guess it's time for me to ask everyone for help.

Yup, co-op mod wanted! I'll manage with profile, layout, application, taken characters, event schedule and some minor parts in RP.

As for co-op mod, I need is:
- Reserves
- Wanted
- Advertiser
- Post up event (I'll post monthly event schedule in ooc and co-op mod gonna post the event in main comm. And about the idea of the event, you may post with your own idea or ask me for an idea.)
Tags: mod post
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